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Band Directors

Name/Email Phone Number

Jason Clemens      295-7680

Dan Crain             295-6133

Tom Deep             295-4150

Bill Hughes           295-4820

Kristin Koterba     295-4089

Joe Kulikowski      295-5599

Adrian Pocaro      295-4833

Gianna Tyrrell      295-5581

Shaker Band Boosters

Name/Email & Position

Sharyn Lowenkamp (Co-President)

Laurie Silver (Co- President)

Elizabeth Roeder (Co-Vice President)

Maria Pelletier (Co-Vice President)

Betsy Potiker (Treasurer)

Leanne Sauerland (Volunteers)

Molly Ritts (Patrons)

Fiona Payne (Newsletters/Webmaster)

Lorraine Drewa (Merchandise)

Maria Hunter (Uniforms)

Valerie Crowley (Chaperones)

Maura Berkelhamer  (Hospitality- Marching)

Eliana LeVine (Trip Fundraising- Accounts)

Rachel Feinleib (Trip Fundraising- Candy)

Rachel Gurshman (Middle School Rep)

Jen Bordeaux (Woodbury Rep)


This is a partial list. Click here for a complete list of the Shaker Band Boosters Board.